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  • da_un_thumbnail

    Meet Da Eun

    Da Eun always wanted a big family, but she and her husband couldn’t afford to have children in North Korea.

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    International Women’s Day: 6 North Korean Women Who Inspire Us

    We’re celebrating International Women’s Day 2014 with six stories of inspiring North Korean women.

  • in_ae_image_circle

    Meet In Ae

    Meet In Ae! She escaped North Korea with her sister at a young age. Now, she’s a South Korean citizen and high school student.

  • South Korean Lee Young-si, 87, cries as she is reunited with her North Korean sister Lee Jung-sil, 84. | Photo: Yonhap/Reuters

    NK NEWS BRIEF | February 26, 2014

    “People’s Unit heads are openly critical of the orders, saying that if everyone is doing something illegal, who will report it? If there was a way to make money that wasn’t illegal then people would do that instead.”

  • hyun_joo_image_web

    Meet Hyun Joo

    In order for her son to escape North Korea with her, Hyun Joo was forcibly sold as a bride in China.

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    Get to know Sarah!

    Everyone has a LiNK story about how they got involved and I’m excited for the opportunity to share mine with you.

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    Do you know about Sir Nicholas Winton?

    He rescued over 600 Jewish children from the fate of internment in Nazi concentration camps. Many of these children went on to do great things in the countries where they settled.

  • group_rescue

    A Message from the Field!

    I’ve been one of the few lucky members of LiNK’s staff able to participate directly in our rescue missions, and it’s been an experience like none other.

  • duk_jin_image_web

    Meet Duk Jin

    Duk Jin came under suspicion from the North Korean secret police after helping a family member leave the country.

  • In an image taken from North Korean television, Jang Song-taek is shown being taken from a meeting of the Workers’ Party by guards. Video of his arrest was broadcast on Monday. | Image: Yonhap

    NK NEWS BRIEF | December 11, 2013

    JST was formally removed from office and expelled from the KWP during a recent KWP meeting. Unlike many other previous purges, Jang’s dismissal was very public and broadcast on NK state media.