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Connecting people on the brink of greatness

March’s Blog Topic: Start

(Speak Up) Tell Someone You’re Ready

Starting something means we want to see change. Whether it’s personal, professional, or spiritual, we have to begin by acknowledging  that change needs to happen. Normally, doing so also requires [...]

A Little More Yoga, A Little Less Lab Coat

Take it all on. Say yes to anything. Be good at everything. Repeat. Growing up competitive, a perfectionist, and loving to stay busy, I never shied away from a full [...]

Be Uncertain.

As kids, our little bodies required us to constantly look up. Doing so gave us a grand view of the clouds, the stars, and endless space to imagine. There was [...]


I am somewhat of a scaredy cat. I have always hated heights and never once did I imagine I would jump out of an airplane last year, let alone for [...]
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