1. Things that depress me - billboards like this all over Dhaka (w/ variants thereof throughout much of Asia)

  2. reality of many urban poor RT : Your small apartment is not smaller than these tiny Hong Kong apartments:

  3. Things that confuse me: corporate donors installing basketball hoops in poor Nepali schools... w/ locks!

  4. Can't stop thinking of the Malaysia flight going down. Flew over that area 6 hours earlier. What a terrible way to go... Ugh

  5. Alright- 11 hours in middle seat in a row of 5. But each mile is closer to family/home. Just no liquids from here on out!

  6. Can't wait to be working in this school of 1,200 incredible kiddos this year w/

  7. Here's what happens when you pit two Bangladeshi security guards against the crew- they end up skating!

  8. This partnership w/ makes sure every one of these bottles has safe water x 70 schools.

  9. Essentially widespread urban open defecation, even with the toilets in place. Concise piece

  10. Not exactly the best Nepali marketing. Something about the mid-air collision makes me want to pass...

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