Empowering Women

Krochet Kids Uganda

We believe women are a linchpin of social change. As we study the past and look towards the future it is clear that humanity’s well being is dependent on women.

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Measuring Social Impact

Krochet Kids Uganda

Empowerment is a complex process, therefore tracking it requires a comprehensive measurement system. We all experience poverty and wellbeing in the six areas of our personhood: financially, intellectually, physically, socially, psychologically and spiritually. For someone to be truly empowered they must be thriving in all of these areas. Learn how we measure this progression…

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Our Theory of Change

Krochet Kids intl.: Theory of Change

I often get asked why our model includes jobs, education and mentorship. The answer is actually simple; we’ve been studying life-change over the last 6 years and believe that the combination of these three initiatives is an excellent way to support the empowerment process. We know this because we have developed a theory of change, which helps us critically measure the success of our work.

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Empowerment: Introduction

Krochet Kids Uganda - David Garvin 02


Over the last 5 decades $2.3 trillion of aid has been poured into the developing world, yet more people live on less than $2 a day now than fifty years ago. Hmm… Something seems a little backward here.

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Empowerment: Jobs

Krochet Kids Uganda - David Garvin 01


A new race to the bottom is underway in the developing world. If you are reading this, you probably understand this effort as grassroots community development: empowering people through locally relevant strategies by getting the resources of development into the hands of those who need it the most.

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Empowerment: Mentorship

Mentorship at Krochet Kids Uganda


The vision for Krochet Kids intl. programs is not to employ individuals for decades, but rather to empower women to create locally sustainable jobs that eventually earn them more money than they currently earn crocheting and knitting hats.

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Empowerment: Monitoring & Evaluation

Budgeting at Krochet Kids Peru

Monitoring and Evaluation is our method for measuring how we are doing within our goal of “empowering people to rise above poverty.” It would be very easy for Krochet Kids intl. to celebrate our program model and leave it at that.

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Meet Our Mentors!

As promised, here is a look into one of the elements of our programs we are most excited about. Our mentors are the true change-agents of our work as they contextualize every training opportunity provided by our programs to each individual through one-on-one teaching and counseling.

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[VIDEO] Empowerment (2 of 2): COMING SOON

Over the past month we have been highlighting the unique aspects of our programs abroad that not only set our product apart, but also showcase the comprehensive and important work we are doing on the ground to empower people to rise above poverty.

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