Tbilisi Has Its Eyes Open

We stand by our rule of not covering the eyes in Inside Out Portraits as we believe them to be the most important feature of a face. However, we bent our rules a little bit for this amazing action in Tbilisi, Georgia. Their statement is, "Don’t shut your eyes! Six years has passed since the last Russian intervention.
Russian army is located 40 kilometers away from the capital. Thousands of IDPs had to settle in temporary places of living, people still suffer at the occupation line. By drawing attention to the cause we encourage civil society to start thinking about the ongoing problem and to seek solutions to the occupation struggle. Georgia has a clear and present enemy!"

Istanbul Comes Together

This recent action was created in Istanbul, Turkey to bring all races religions & people together and show that "we are the same while we are smiling." They wished to "show all over the world, these multi-religious and multi-cultural neighbours are happy to live together."

New Video from Dronero, Cuneo, Italy

Check out this great time lapse from a recent action in Dronero, Italy! Their statement: Our project mirrors the day-to-day realities of many Italian small towns and villages. There, there aren’t all the possibilities that big cities offer but despite of this the young people react and try in every way to carry on with their passions and their projects for the future. Even if it is hard to look at the future being optimist there’s always someone who reacts and tries to create something without passively allowing themselves to be influenced by the surroundings.

Our project is specifically dedicated to them: in particular to those who are resolute and joyful and don’t allow themselves to be influenced by what surrounds them.

Reflection in Chile

This project from Iquique, Chile was created to urge observers of these faces to reflect on poverty, hope and social inequality.

Beloit College Shows Its Barriers

At Beloit College, there is a student-led initiative on campus called Sustained Dialogue. This group brings students together from all ends of campus to meet weekly in small groups to discuss issues on the campus such as race, gender, greek life, stereotypes, and personal identities. The initiative is built on a social justice framework, in an effort to reach solutions for these issues through dialogue. As they state, "We wanted to use these photographs as a way to share the small group conversations with the rest of the campus community. By addressing barriers on campus through these portraits, we hope to foster dialogue about how we perpetuate various barriers on campus, and then how we can start to break them down on the individual and community level."