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Todd Henry: Remarkable Creativity

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It’s finally here!

We’re launching the Ideation Podcast today. This is an on-the-go podcast designed to help people move their ideas forward through better implementation. We will interviewing thought leaders from multiple industries as they share about how they implement their ideas in order to make them remarkable (i.e., worth making a remark about).

In this episode, I had the privilege of interviewing Todd Henry, the founder and CEO of Accidental Creative, a company that helps creative people and teams be prolific, brilliant and healthy. He is also the author of “Accidental Creative: How to be Brilliant on a Moment’s Notice“.

We covered topics including staying productive in demanding environments, integrating creative rhythm to one’s life, and practical insights to team collaboration. Yes, you’ll want to hear Todd’s insights!

Many thanks to MailChimp for sponsoring this podcast!

Please take a moment to listen below. [Click here to subscribe on iTunes]

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» Ideation Podcast » Todd Henry: Remarkable Creativity
On October 12, 2012

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