The Power of Secret Projects

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Believe it or not, everything that we do doesn’t have to be public or sharable. (Shocking! I know.)

While it’s fun to post activities on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Path, Foursquare, Google Plus, Tumblr, and all the other social media platforms, I think it’s also important to do things that are completely private. Living in a state of constant share has many benefits, but it could also nurture unhealthy dependencies and loss of perspective (especially on reality).

Look, I’m definitely not trying to be socially pious or noble here. After all, I love social media. It’s a big part of my life and career.

All I’m saying is that we may want to curb our tendencies to default to social sharing. Consider participating in more “secret projects” that take you away from the public. I’ve found over the past year of experimenting with this notion that I am far more focused and productive than ever before. In addition to projects for my company, I’ve been able to slowly work on private projects that I’ve always wanted to. Many of these kinds of activities don’t need the public eye. While it’s tempting to share what these are, there’s something powerful and soul-shaping about not giving in to the default of social.

There are probably things in life that we should treasure privately. I hope we all will invest time and energy into some of these things. I think we will be better people if we do. In fact, the depth of our private lives probably help us live better in public as well.

Like many other things in life, wisdom or virtue is often found somewhere between two excesses (i.e., in this case, sharing everything and not sharing anything).


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On November 14, 2012
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