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Today is the kickoff of a global effort called Hour of Code that is trying to get more people to learn how to write code. They are looking for 10 million students of all ages to participate. Close to 2 million (at the time of this post) have already jumped on board with close to 50 million lines of code already written and counting.

As our world becomes more digitally integrated, coding will become a sought-after skill for most businesses and organizations. The rise in need for coders has been clearly documented. There just isn’t enough people who know how to write code.

Yes, people who know how to write code are like rockstars in so many different industries today.

I’m encouraging my kids to participate in this program because they’re going to need to learn how to code in the near future, whether for personal or professional use.

This is a FREE program so make sure you sign up today and participate!

If you or someone you know becomes great writing code, please let me know. We’re always looking for some great people to work with at Ideation :)

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On December 9, 2013
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