Stop Stressing Over Hypotheticals!

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Stress will kill you (sometimes literally).

Much of the stress we experience is rooted in hypothetical scenarios. The big “what if…” is life threatening.

These hypothetical scenarios we conjure up in our minds usually become roadblocks to productivity (and health). The truth is that most of them will never come to pass. In fact, many of these hypothetical thoughts are not even rational thoughts nor based on any kind of actual data. Rather, these hypotheticals are often birthed out of our subconscious desire to protect ourselves from things like failure, loss, or hard work.

It’s as if we build hypotheticals to ensure that we have reasons as to why we couldn’t pursue our ideas or why it didn’t work (if indeed we did start). The mental gymnastics many of us do to explain why something couldn’t or didn’t work is true exhausting and ultimately leads to more stress.

If you’re going to stress over something, may it never be on hypotheticals that are unfounded in reality or evidence. There are things we can control and there are things we can’t. Do your homework and come to terms with what you can actually control or influence and leave the unnecessary stress over what might be to someone else. Deal with hypothetical scenarios after they become reality. There’s a good chance that many of them will never come to be the way you imagined anyway.


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On January 17, 2013

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