People Blur in the Midst of Projects

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The chaos that surrounds most large projects can often create blind spots for team relationships. Whether you lead an organization or company, stay mindful of the people you are working with towards a common goal.

When leaders see their team simply as a means for accomplishing tasks, they will find themselves down a road of mutual dehumanization. The frustration of team members will brew and ultimately manifest itself in unhealthy ways. It’s rarely the big disappointing result or the overall push to get things done that leads to disconnect. Rather, it’s in those small opportunities of mutual support that determines whether or not the team will develop chemistry and productivity.

What good is it accomplishing something great if you end with no one else to celebrate it with?

As a leader, always take moments throughout a project to communicate appreciation, give people a breather, and keep things in perspective. You need your team.


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On March 28, 2011

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