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Guest Post by Andrew Means, Data Nerd & Consultant based in Chicago’s Bucktown community. You can visit his blog at www.MeansWellDoesGood.com

If you’re a leader you know the feeling. You’ve been executing a strategy, implementing a program, or just performing business as usual and yet you have no idea how effective you are. You have an intuition you’re moving in the right direction but you really have no idea. For nonprofit leaders the feeling can be intensified since you don’t have a profit statement grounding you in reality.

Next week I’ll be doing a FREE 30 minutes webinar introduction to measurement & evaluation. M&E is all about looking, understanding, and maximizing impact. The impact of your programming. The impact of your strategy. The impact of your decisions.

The webinar will be a great introduction to some of the basic concepts in M&E and you will leave with some tools to help bring back to your team. We will be looking at:

  • Creating a Theory of Change
  • The role of M&E in strategic decision making
  • What data you should be focusing on

Space is extremely limited so if you are interested click here to register. The webinar will run from 12-12:30 CST on Thursday, March 8th.

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On March 5, 2012
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2 Responses to Not-for-Profit Measurement & Evaluation

  1. Sarai Koo says:


    You do amazing work! It is great to see you touching so many people’s lives!

  2. Hi Charles,

    I am based in Australia but would love to review your insight on this topic as it is very timely for our team. I have let my colleagues in California know to attend, but if your can share the conversation at a later date that would be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
    Michael Eales
    Co-founder BAMGAM.org

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