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I’m the Chief Idea-Maker of Ideation Consultancy, Inc., an idea agency that specializes in turning good ideas into remarkable brands by developing innovative business design, strategic infrastructure, strong brand presence, memorable visual identities & design, creative marketing, new media PR strategies, and web presence.

August 5, 2015

I have the honor and privilege of regularly speaking & writing for great companies, organizations, and conferences on various topics including creative process, idea-making, innovative thinking, collaboration, branding, new media, and compassionate justice.

Some of the companies, organizations, and conferences I’ve presented at include Wells Fargo, William Morris Endeavor, The White House, Council of Urban Professionals, Gibson Dunn, Willow Creek Association, Catalyst Conference, Plywood Presents, and Salvation Army.

I always try to customize a presentation for each new audience that’s interactive, intriguing, and extremely practical in nature. Talk is cheap. As a speaker, I treat tangible next steps as utmost importance, especially in a world filled with inspiring information.

If you have any interest in inviting me to speak at your next event, simply click HERE to fill out a short request form.

I look forward to hearing from you!


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