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  • More Than Ideas

    It’s quite commonplace for me to walk into a consulting opportunity to be greeted by a small contingency of skeptical faces….
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  • Needs Actually

    What do you really need at this point of idea-making as an individual, company, or organization? The truth of the matter…
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  • Empowerment First

    People hire consultants because they sense that they need help in an area that lacks expertise. At times, this will lead…
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  • Bite Size Solutions

    Many ideas are so big, broad, and general that it is difficult to determine where to start. Visionaries and idea-lovers often…
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  • Network

    The success of launching something new requires the support and presence of a viable network that believes in what you’re doing…. Read More

  • Co/Laborate

    No great idea can be developed or implemented well without a community that believes and supports it. We need each other…
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On August 5, 2015

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