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Jocelyn K Glei – Manage Your Day-to-Day

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Jocelyn GleiIn this episode, Charles Lee interviews Jocelyn K Glei, editor-in-chief and director of 99U who’s mission is to provide the “missing curriculum” on making ideas happen. She oversees the website—which has won two Webby Awards for Best Cultural Blog—and leads the curation and execution of the popular 99U Conference, which has presented talks from visionary creatives including Jack Dorsey, John Maeda, Brené Brown, Jonathan Adler, Stefan Sagmeister, Jad Abumrad, AJ Jacobs, and many more. She is also the editor of the 99U book series, which includes Manage Your Day-to-Day (May 2013) and Maximize Your Potential (due Sept 2013).

Prior to joining Behance and 99U, Jocelyn was the global managing editor at the online media company Flavorpill, leading development of new editorial products. She has also consulted with dozens of brands and agencies, from Herman Miller to PSFK to Huge Inc, on content strategy and web launches. She is passionate about creating content-driven products that people love.

Stop doing busywork. Start doing your best work.


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During this episode, Jocelyn shares thoughts from 99u’s new book, Manage Your Day-to-Day. 

Are you over-extended, over-distracted, and overwhelmed? Do you work at a breakneck pace all day, only to find that you haven’t accomplished the most important things on your agenda when you leave the office?

The world has changed and the way we work has to change, too. With wisdom from 20 leading creative minds, Manage Your Day-to-Day gives its readers a toolkit for tackling the new challenges of a 24/7, always-on workplace.

Featuring contributions from: Dan Ariely, Leo Babauta, Scott Belsky, Lori Deschene, Aaron Dignan, Erin Rooney Doland, Seth Godin,Todd Henry, Christian Jarrett, Scott McDowell, Mark McGuinness, Cal Newport, Steven Pressfield, Gretchen Rubin, Stefan Sagmeister, Elizabeth G. Saunders, Tony Schwartz, Tiffany Shlain, Linda Stone, and James Victore.

In this podcast, Jocelyn shares thoughts on topics including Building a Rock-Solid Routine, Finding Focus in a Distracted World, Taming Your Tools, and Sharpening Your Creative Mind.

Please take a moment to listen to the interview below. (Click here to listen to our previous episodes on iTunes.)

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