Good Idea. Now What? Launches Tomorrow & I Need Your Help

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I can’t believe we’re only one day away from officially launching my book Good Idea. Now What?!

It’s a project rooted in a desire to help people implement their ideas well. Over the past several years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting countless individuals with good ideas. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize that only a small percentage of people will actualize these passions. This book was written in hopes of changing that percentage.

Would you help me launch this week by giving ONE MINUTE of your time towards getting the word out about this book? Here are some simple (& sample) ways to share the story of this book:

  • Share a status update on Facebook:
    • “Check out my friend Charles Lee’s new book release –”
    • “Have good ideas? Read this –”
  • Share a status update on Twitter:
    • “Check out this new book about idea-making by my friend @charlestlee – – @GoodIdeaBook”
    • “Love Ideas? Here’s a new book by @charlestlee that will help you implment them well!”
  • Share a blog post on your website. Visit for copy & video.
  • If you are one of the early readers of the book, please consider leaving a quick comment on book sites like Amazon & Barnes & Noble.

Any help you can give this week will be greatly appreciated! Also, leave me a comment if you do share. I’ll be giving away free copies all week to several people leaving comments on this page!

Many thanks in advance!


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On February 13, 2012
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12 Responses to Good Idea. Now What? Launches Tomorrow & I Need Your Help

  1. Jeff Hamilton says:

    Tweeted it out. Thanks for making it easy with the simple samples!

  2. Dave Ingland says:

    Congratulations Charles! I’ll be tweeting for you this week :)

    • Charles says:

      Hey Dave!!! So good to hear from you friend. Honored that you would spend some time this week promoting the book. Means a lot!

  3. Chris Schultheiss says:

    I left it up as my status on Facebook and will tell anyone I know to read it. Good Job in writing a book by the way, you were one of my favorite teachers at LIFE.

  4. Carl Catedral says:

    looking forward to reading through your book! will be sharing with others! :)

  5. Helen Lee says:

    Happy to help! Will tweet tomorrow as requested and look forward to checking out (or winning a copy of!) your book! Congratulations!

  6. daniel so says:

    Charles — Happy to spread the word via Twitter & Facebook. I just posted on my blog as well! Can’t wait to see the good ideas that are rolled out & implemented as a result of your book :)

  7. Lydia says:

    I posted something on Facebook. Congratulations! It must feel great! I can’t wait to read the book!

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