Endorsements for Good Idea. Now What?

“Sitting around thinking never helped anyone. Charles Lee understands that until you ship, nothing happens. Fortunately, he’s not going to leave you alone until you do precisely that.” – Seth Godin | Author of Poke the Box

“Charles Lee’s ‘Good idea. Now What?’ is a terrific road map for taking your passion and inspiration and turning them into reality and business success.” – Soledad O’Brien | Anchor and Special Correspondent for CNN

“It’s no secret that great ideas are much easier to come by than great execution. Charles offers practical solutions that will inspire you to get moving now and make your idea a reality!” – Scott Harrison | Founder of charity: water

“Leaders make things happen. And Charles Lee is a leader who does just that. This is his life message, punctuated with solutions and practical strategies for helping you accomplish those ideas still sitting on the shelf. If you are looking to implement an idea, read this book!” – Brad Lomenick | Executive Director of Catalyst

“Good Idea. Now What? is a path of powerfully practical steps to follow on taking ideas from nothing to their intended gift to the world.” – Michael Rusch | VP, Shopper & Business Insights for Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products

“In this approachable, pragmatic book, Charles presents us with a fresh, thoughtful approach of how to get our ideas into the world, while also providing critical perspective on the implications of new ideas on the entrepreneur’s often overlooked personal life. Read this before you launch your next project.” – Dave Blanchard | Founder of Praxis and former IDEO Principal Designer

“Structure and process that powers creatives! Charles Lee has penned a witty, inspirational and approachable manual for both aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs that focuses on turning ideas into strategic execution. Take Nike’a advice and Just Do It!” – Wade Kawasaki | Executive Vice President of Coker Group

“Getting from step zero to step one is often the hardest part, and Charles understands that. This book lays out a comprehensive strategy that skillfully maps out how to move ideas into that next stage of creation which will be helpful for any leader.” – Ben Keesey | CEO of Invisible Children

“People often approach me for advice on making their ‘new idea’ reality. They usually ask for help via a short email or a quick conversation. The truth is, there is so much more to idea-making than what can be communicated through a simple response. Having a resource like ‘Good Idea. Now What?’ will help me point people to a practical guide that helps them get on a path that marries their passion with a plan. ” – Tyler Merrick | Founder & Social Capitalist of Project7

“Thomas Edison (not, Albert Einstein) rightly stated that “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” While you’re on your own for the one percent, Charles Lee’s “Good Idea, Now What?” takes you through the ninety-nine percent. Lee’s book is light-hearted and witty, but also a sincere read that offers solid business insights, essential for any idea to take flight. If you have a passion to take your idea to market, then “Good Idea, Now What?” will make sure that you are well equipped for the climb.” – Keith Kall | Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships for World Vision

“The lack of ideas is rarely a problem. Getting traction and accelerating your idea into a workable plan of action that can sustain is really the key. Charles Lee moves your fantastic idea into real progress in Good Idea: Now What? Read. Accelerate your ideas into Action.” – Dave Travis | CEO of Leadership Network

“Charles Lee is one of the best ‘idea guys’ I know. But better than good ideas though are ideas that lead to impact – a hallmark of Charles’ life. Charles’ new book, ‘Good Idea. Now What?’, is a hands on resource that will serve you as an idea coach helping you to move your great ideas to implementation and finally to major impact!” – Greg Ligon | Vice President and Publisher of Leadership Network

“Charles Lee has penned a guide to the hard work of birthing an idea into life. If you read this book, your idea will have an exponentially greater chance of seeing the light of day. Read it.” – Jeff Shinabarger | Founder of Plywood People

“Tired of your ideas limping along? Lost and don’t know where to start? Does your world changing idea demand a big dose of momentum and practicality? Charles Lee delivers it all in this in his inspiring book ‘Good Idea. Now What?’” – Mike Foster | Creative Principal/Co-Founder of PlainJoe Studios

“With driving clarity Charles Lee helps us cut through the clutter of good intentions and get to work. This book will not only catalyze action, it will lead you to create transformation.” – Bethany Hoang | Director of the IJM Institute

“Good Idea Now What” is a great handbook to navigate the chaos of creativity! I love Charles. You’ll delight in his practical insights forged in the furnace of his own ideation!” – Dave Gibbons | CEO of XEALOT & Author of XEALOTS: Defying the Gravity of Normality

“For many creatives and changemakers the road isn’t always clear, but what Charles has done through “Good Idea, Now What?” is to boil down the vital steps around idea generation, branding, collaboration and putting first things first – in order to help us chart our course to move the best ideas forward.” – Jeff Slobotski | Founder of Silicon Prairie News

“Ideas are a dime a dozen; even great ones. Charles Lee knows through personal experience that shaping culture is not dependent upon the idea but rather the implementation. I believe that “Good Idea. Now What?” will be a seminal text for this generation and the next on how people can take an idea and make it change the world.” – Andrew Marin | President of The Marin Foundation and Author of the Award Winning Book Love Is an Orientation

“For many creatives and changemakers the road isn’t always clear, but what Charles has done through “Good Idea. Now What? is more than just a book — it’s an opportunity to make something. Through proven insights and principles, Charles Lee offers you everything you need to turn ideas into realities. All you have to do is follow along.” – Scott McClellan | Editor for Collide Magazine and Director of ECHO Conference

“Our current world is in desperate need of doers.  Men & women that will dream big, and see that dream come to life – and that’s where this book comes in play. Charles, is a doer, this book proves that. Well done Charles, thanks for sharing your ideas!” – Chris Marlow | CEO & Founder of Help End Local Poverty

“Your idea is a rocket. This book is rocket fuel. It won’t gaurantee your idea’s success, but without the creative and practical resources contained within these chapters, your idea may never get off the ground. Allow a proven idea-genius, Charles Lee, to help you chart a course from design phase to lift-off.” – Tim Mossholder | Natl. Coordinator of Foursquare Emerging Leader Network

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