You’ve Got the Passion… Now Make It Happen.

Going from inspiration to execution is hard work. Many steps stand between a good idea and the hit product, profitable company, or social change you envision. Your initial “aha!” moment provides the key to begin this process, but it’s the way you make your dream happen that truly defines your success.


Good Idea. Now What? gives you the tools you need to make your inspiration a reality. This accessible go-to guide features practical advice from leading idea-makers that will help you get your vision off the ground.


“Sitting around thinking never helped anyone. Charles Lee understands that until you ship, nothing happens. Fortunately, he’s not going to leave you alone until you do precisely that.” – Seth Godin | Author of Poke the Box

“Charles Lee’s ‘Good idea. Now What?’ is a terrific road map for taking your passion and inspiration and turning them into reality and business success.” – Soledad O’Brien | Anchor and Special Correspondent for CNN

“It’s no secret that great ideas are much easier to come by than great execution. Charles offers practical solutions that will inspire you to get moving now and make your idea a reality!” – Scott Harrison | Founder of charity: water

“Leaders make things happen. And Charles Lee is a leader who does just that. This is his life message, punctuated with solutions and practical strategies for helping you accomplish those ideas still sitting on the shelf. If you are looking to implement an idea, read this book!”  Brad Lomenick | Executive Director of Catalyst

“Good Idea. Now What? is a path of powerfully practical steps to follow on taking ideas from nothing to their intended gift to the world.” – Michael Rusch | VP, Shopper & Business Insights for Nickelodeon/Viacom Consumer Products

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An Actionable Approach

This book was written for on-the-go idea-makers; people interested in getting stuff done! Hypothetical takes a back seat to proven principles in this book. Learn from some of the best implementers out there.

A Memorable Format

Written in 40 short, stand alone (yet connected) chapters filled with practical principles, insights, and next steps, the book is designed to be clear and concise for those of us who don’t need 10 stories to get the point. Got a few minutes? Finish a chapter.

A Book to Start With

There are a lot of “idea” books out there! Start with this one. It will give you a great perspective on the overall process of idea-making. Afterwards, check out the recommended book list in the appendix to see what other idea books cover your areas of interest.



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