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“Anything is possible.” Right? Nope. Some individuals, companies, and organizations boldly proclaim that they can do everything you need under the sun. Need expertise? They have it. Need quality? They’ll

Charles Lee
Why Personal Branding Matters

Unfortunately, too many categorize branding as sheer external marketing and story-telling. While it's true that these are elements of the overall process, the core of branding is really about coming to terms with one's true self (which requires a lot of self-awareness) and identifying core life-goals (which are often beyond physical things).

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Exploring the Brand Gap

Your brand, as Marty Neumeier rightly puts it, is the gut feeling people have about your product, organization, or service. It's less about what you say your brand is, but more about what they say it is. In other words, your brand is shaped by the experiences others have with you and your work. Things like logos, visual identity, and products should be the natural extensions of your brand, but it should never be confused as the brand itself.

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