Adding A Little Extra to Ordinary

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It doesn’t take much.

An extra smile…

An extra eye contact…

An extra moment to acknowledge a customer’s presence while you’re on the phone…

An extra hand to help a customer find their way…

An extra minute to look up a solution…

An extra conversation to learn about the customer you’re talking with…

Unfortunately, far too many people settle for maintaining minimal customer service rather than going the “extra” mile to provide extraordinary brand experiences.

These little “extras” really don’t take up too much time, but they can mean the difference between an ordinary service and an extraordinary one. In fact, many customers often decide whether or not to stay loyal to a brand based on one experience, especially if it’s a bad one.

Successful leaders and companies pay close attention to the little “extras” that ultimately distinguishes them from their competitors. Adding a little “extra” to ordinary truly makes your brand extraordinary.

What will you do today to make your company or organization extraordinary?

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On December 4, 2012
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