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A Pinteresting Idea

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Guest Post by Nicole Perez, Writer & Social Enthusiast 

Not since Facebook has anything had the ability to consume my time quite like Pinterest.  While it could be argued that Pinterest is just another distraction in a media saturated world, it is so much more than that – Pinterest is an online community where ideas are born and shared.

I’m not going to lie by saying I spend copious amounts of time on Pinterest purely for what pinners like myself refer to as, “Pinsperation.”  I enjoy cruising the site to see humorous memes, videos and links to blogs about my favorite shows, and pictures of food that would make Paula Deen blush.

At the end of the Pinterest day, I’m hungry and entertained but mostly motivated to create.  And therein lies the genius of Pinterest: it inspires you to invent and look at the world from different angles, while teaching you how to do everything from making cookies to creating a workout plan.

Aside from learning how to achieve rock hard abs while eating fistfuls of brownies, Pinterest also taught me a few things about idea making. First of all, ideas are shared.  Pinterest would be useless without the ability to share your online discoveries and re-pin what others have posted.  It is through exchanging ideas that we are able to improve on or invent new things.  In fact, Thomas Edison didn’t exactly invent the light bulb.  He did, however, improve on a 50-year-old idea by making it electrical, practical, and economical. If we don’t share our ideas, we will be kept in the dark (sometimes literally).

Secondly, ideas require forward thinking.  Whether our ideas are new or borrowed, we need to think about what’s next and how to keep things fresh. Pinterest has broadened its user base simply by adding new pinning categories.  Pinterest may have started as a sharing forum for arts and crafts, but now it is being used by even the smallest of businesses to advertise products.

Lastly, ideas take time and hard work to be accomplished. I’d like to think I could perfectly frost a cake on my first attempt, but the truth is it would take many cakes and a lot of frosting to accomplish this feat.  The process of idea realization may not be easy, but the end result is always worth the time and effort.

So whatever your idea is, pin it, share it, improve it, and put some action to it.

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On December 18, 2012
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