3 Tips for Rising Above the Clutter

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The growth of social technology, new marketing, and entrepreneurial/intrapreneurial efforts has truly created a lot of clutter for the marketplace. Our endeavors can quickly become white noise under this barrage of information, advertisement, or invitations to participate.

Unfortunately, many just go with the flow and end up exerting too much energy and resources into areas that take them away from creating quality products and services. While we ought to be mindful of shifts in the market and consumer behavior, it’s vital for us to pay attention to what we’re actually building through our efforts.

Here are some tips to help you rise above the market clutter and develop a brand that people choose to talk about:

  • Know Your Customer – This goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Most products and services we create won’t benefit everyone. In other words, we don’t have to go after everyone. Focus your storytelling and marketing efforts to those that need to hear your message. Blasting out invites and messages for everyone you think you know will often be perceived as spam-like, unfocused, and poor business strategy. Just because something like email is free doesn’t mean you should send it to everyone, especially without their permission. Build your customer base one customer at a time by providing individual attention to their needs (even the ones they don’t know they have).
  • Focus on the Quality & Refinement – As marketing guru Seth Godin as said in the past, create products and services that people will choose to make a remark about. Isn’t that what it means to be remarkable? This takes a ton of work. We have to be the best in a category of thought. Instead of trying to mass market your idea, focus on building a better product or service. Give yourself permission to stay in beta even after you launch. Continual refinement and improvement is a cultural commitment every company and organization should embrace. Yes, you’ll never be done.
  • Articulate a Meaningful Story – Why should people care that your product or service exists? Is there a story that helps us understand why you do what you do? Is that story clear and┬ámemorable┬áto your customer? I’m not just talking about having a nice pitch with some articulating of how and what you do. I’m talking about the “why” behind what you do. If people can’t understand our why, it’s going to be incredibly difficult for them to develop brand loyalty in the long run. Clarify why your work is an essential piece to the lifestyle of your customers.
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On March 21, 2013
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