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3 Things To Do Before Kicking Off the Second Half of 2013

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July is already here!

Where has the year gone?! Didn’t we just bring in the new year?

Well, ready or not, we’re kicking off the second half of 2013. Whether or not you’ve had a good first half, this is a great week for all of us to refocus, reframe, and refresh ourselves of the things we set out to do this year.

I’m spending this week focusing in on 3 things that I think are important to having a successful second half of the year. I hope you find some value in these and choose to join me in doing the same.

  1. Reflect & Celebrate the First Half – While we may experienced disappoints or “failures” during the first half of 2013, we can always choose to find things to celebrate. Think back to the first six months and highlight learnings, experiences, and accomplishments that you feel good about. What are some of the key takeaways you have from this year thus far? How have you become a better person through it all? Are there things you’ve developed along that way that have surprised you? Next, take some time this week to write about it and give yourself a little gift or splurge. 
  2. Evaluate What’s on Your Plate – Take a moment this week to think about all the things that are on your plate right now. How are you allocating time, energy, and resources to these activities? Do you feel that your allocations are appropriate? Are there areas you don’t need to spend as much time on? More time? Make a list and start prioritizing the things that really matter to you and your vocation in the long run. I’m pretty sure you’ll find several things that are simply distractions to your pursuits and non-essential.
  3. Go Back to the Future – Look back at your notes from the beginning of the year and see if you’ve overlooked or ignored, whether intentionally or not, any ideas that you hoped to see implemented in 2013. It’s not too late! You still have a lot of time left before the end of the year. What things do you still need to work on? Are there ideas that need to get on paper and implemented? Do you want to work on an area of thought or expertise for your profession? Do you still need to write that book? Who do you need to connect with in order to keep you accountability with all these dreams? Go back and take a look at what you wrote in early 2013. Don’t let guilt get in the way of you moving forward.

What are some things you do throughout the year that keep you focused on your ideas?


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On July 1, 2013
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